How to put on a dry suit ! 👕☔

How to put on a dry suits !

There are two most important things you should be careful when you are putting on your dry suit; the first one is the zipper and the second are the gaskets or cuffs. Follow the instruction below to avoid this common mistakes people do when getting into their favourite SUP dry suits. 




1) Dry zipper:

First , before you put on your dry suit, be sure the zipper is opened all the way.


If the zipper is not opened all the way , then when you try to put on your dry suit, because of the pressure when you are pulling the material, the slider can pop away from the zipper , and then we have a problem !!!


2) Dry suit sleeves: 

The second thing you should be careful are the cuffs , or gaskets. It does not matter if they are from neoprene or latex, there is only one  correct way how to put them on.





What you should not do is to pull the the material and to force your way throug. Especialy when you are putting on your legs, if you puhs with the heel too much, after some time because of the pressure this can cause the material to separate from the neoprnee and therefore cause leaking. There are a few pics on how this damadge looks like.






The correct way to put it on, is to put your fingers inside the gasket , and pull it through.

Don’t worry , you are not going to break the neoprene or the latex. These materials are usually so elastic that they won’t break under this kind of pressure. What you should be careful is not to sink your fingernails into the neoprene when you are pulling the cuff over your hand.



3) Dry suit trousers:


When pulling on the trousers, never pull the material and never force the heel through the neoprene cuff. The pressure on the stitching on the leg cuff will be so big, that in it will tore the neoprene from the fabric very quickly, and your dry suit will recieve damadges as shown on the pictures below. 









Instead of that, repeat the process that you did with the sleeves. Put the fingers inside and around the neoprene cuff and slide the cuff over your foot and over your heel. 

4) The last thing is pulling the collar over your head. Here you follow the same principals as with the other cuffs, put your fingers around inside and around the neoprene cuffs and pull the collar over your head.


There you go, follow this simple steps and you will make sure you can paddle in your dry suit for many days to come.