Kirsten Lefeldt

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at changeDr. Wayne Dyer

Born :

26th May, 1977 Neumuenster, Germany

Why do you love SUP? 

Because it is so versatile! It can be anything from a Zen-like experience, connecting with nature, to an action filled adventure when racing or dealing with challenging conditions.

How did you start Stand up paddling? 

I tried a class out of curiosity here in Chicago and was hooked. After 3 times on a board I did my first short race and won. I thought “I think this is my sport"

Your heroes? 

Zane Schweitzer, a true waterman - I learned a lot from him.  Also Chris Bertish who crossed the Atlantic Ocean on a Paddle Board.

Best drink after an SUP training Session? 

Plant based protein shake :)

Favourite paddling spot: 

Lake Michigan, Chicago Lakefront during sunrise. Being by yourself or with close paddle buddies with the Skyline of a big city behind you is the most peaceful experience.

Favourite piece of SUP clothing: 

Air Bra

Favourite meal: 

Breakfast :)

What I listen to when i workout:    

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