Dry suit Fjord II F.A.Q.

1) Who is this dry suit made for?

The Dare II model is made for paddlers who like to feel comfortable when they paddle. Most of the people who paddle on flat water during winter chose this dry suit model.

2) Is the dry suit really dry?

The answer is yes. We use 3 layer laminated materials from Toyota, which are 100% waterproof and water repellent, plus we seal all of our seams with a welding tape, which prevents any water from coming in through the stitching.

3) Why would i choose this dry suit?

This dry suit is the perfect choice for people who like to feel comfortable when they paddle. It has a Velcro regulate collar that can fit comfortably on any neck size plus the hood comes in very handy in case you encounter some rain or snow. The material is so elastic that you will feel like you are paddling in a tracksuit.

4) Does it come with the hood?

Yes. The hood is included in the price.

5) Why is this dry suit more expensive than the other two?

It is because it comes with the hood included in the price, plus it has a more sophisticated collar and belt solution.

6) If i fall into the water, will they keep me dry?

Absolutely. We use a 3 layer material which is 100% waterproof. Just be carefull when you fall into the water , not to dive with your head first, becasue a few drops might go through the collar since it opens up all the way like a jacket.

7) Is the material elastic?

Yes, our material is a 4 way stretch material which means that can stretch in 4 directions.

8) Is the material breathable?

The material used in our Dare II and Race II models is one of the most breathable materials on the market. It has a breathability of 24.000 g/sqm in 24 hrs. In comparison, the Gore-tex materials have a breathability of only about 15.000 g/sqm in 24 hrs.

9) Where is it made?

We make all of our dry suits in our production facility in Slovenia, EU.

10) How do i wash it?

The best solution to wash our dry suits is by using the 3athlete disinfecting products. If you do not have them, then just wash your dry suit with water in maximum 30 degrees and use a mild detergent. We do not advise putting the dry suit into a washing machine, so the fabric does not damage itself.

11) If i damage the suit where can i repair it?

We repair dry suits as well, so if the dry suit gets damaged you can send it back to us for repair.

12) Are the cuffs on the legs and arms in latex or neoprene?

We try to avoid latex in every way, that is why we always use a special neorpene for the cuffs on our dry suits.

13) Do i need to take care of the zipper?

Yes. With our dry suits you always receive a tube of lubricant, which you can apply on the zipper once a month in order to keep it running smoothly./div>

14) How can i find my size?

Right below the price tag on our webpage you should see a size chart icon. Click on it ,and a size chart should pop up. If you can not find your size or you need some extra help, please send us an email, we are happy to help.

15) What is the difference between the Race II and the Dare II model?

The main difference between the two models is in the collar and zipper. The Dare II has a jacket like collar, than can be opened up all the way. The zipper is vertical, and it starts below the belly button and ends below the chin. The Race II model has a closed neoprene collar, which is 100% dry , and a zipper that reaches around the chest, so wour shoulders can stay free.

16) What is Restube Ready?

It is a Simple system, a patch on our dry suits, on which you can easily fix your Restube safety floatation device.