Dagmar Taucher

" Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. " Thomas A. Edison

Born :

9th June ,1975 in Villach,Austria

Why do you love SUP? 

We spend too much time on the internet and our smart phones. Stand uppaddling allows you to stay in contact with nature.  A simple pleasure, but so great!

How did you start Stand up paddling? 

I started with SUP surfing 5 years ago on the island of Sardinia. The first time I saw a race board was on holidays in Indonesia. I thought it would be a good alternative to SUP surfing for those days we do not have good waves.

Your heroes? 

My dad.

Best drink after an SUP training Session? 


Favourite paddling spot: 

Bozburun in Turkey and the Gili Islands in Indonesia

Favourite piece of clothing on SUP: 

My StandOut boots

Favourite meal: 

Turkey strips salad

Her favourite product

Warm Feet Boots

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