Christian Taucher


" Just go for it "

Born :

10th June 1981 in Graz, Austria

Why do you love SUP? 

Because it feels like walking on water!

How did you start Stand up paddling? 

I started Stand Up Paddling during a wind surf trip to Sardegna. We brought this brand new  beginner SUP boards from our sponsor for our girl firends to learn how to windsurf during the trip. In the end we did not find wind for us to windsurf and our girlfriends did not learn how to windsurf, because we guys went SUPing every day with the big beginner sup`s and aluminium paddles.

Your heroes? 

My dad who died too young.

Best drink after an SUP training Session? 

Coconut water or a plant-based protein shake.

Favourite paddling spot: 

Shipwrecks bay / New Zealand (known from the movie "endless summer")

Favourite piece of clothing on SUP: 

AIR Long Shirt

Favourite meal: 

Beef steak and sweet potatoes

What I listen to when i workout:   

His favourite product

AIR Long Shirt

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