Alain Luck


"If there is a goal, there is also a way to it "

Born :

2nd February, 1988, Zurich , Switzerland

Why do you love SUP? 

Because for me it is the most versatile sport on the water. You can paddle on every body of water, and in almost every condition. From whitewater rivers, to small totally flat lakes to waves of the open ocean, every condition presents other special sides of paddling

How did you start Stand up paddling? 

I started to paddle when there was no wind ,for windsurfing. Then, living at a lake with almost no wind, I soon paddled more than I surfed.

Your heroes? 

Bruno Hasulyo - How can you be so relaxed all the time and then beat us all like it is nothing?Danny Ching - Technical Perfection

Best drink after an SUP training Session? 

The fresh coconuts at the ISA Worlds in China were pretty epic…

Favourite paddling spot: 

Bretagne, France. Within only a few kilometers you can have everything. From flat rivers to epic surfspots and perfect downwind runs.

Favourite piece of clothing on SUP: 

The Airprene Pants. Perfect for almost every weather.

Favourite meal: 


His favourite product

AIR Long Pants

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