• 3Athlete 5L box - Dry suit/Aiprene cleaning and disinfecting solution

3Athlete 5L box - Dry suit/Aiprene cleaning and disinfecting solution

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The single best solution for disinfecting and cleaning your watersport gear !!!

An eco friendly, dermatologicaly  tested solution that contains no alcohol, no aldehydes or other dangerous chemicals !!

The 3ATHLET 5 liter canister shines not only with its unique content, but also with the outer packaging:   

  • Practical transfer to other container sizes through the tap   
  • Longer shelf life (2 years)    
  • No drug loss, as oxygen-free  

Our disciplines: 

1. Neutralize odors    

2. Removes sweat odor and other odors  

3. Disinfect surfaces:   Fungicidal / bactericidal according to DIN EN 1650: 2013 DIN EN 1276: 2010 DIN EN 13697: 2015 

4. Clean :  Cleaning effect on non-heavily soiled surfaces  3ATHLET is dermatologically tested very well (dermatest 2019 "very good")     No hazardous substance / Not dangerous goods *    Does not require labeling*    Non-flammable    Without alcohol    No aldehyde * According to CLP Regulation (EC) 1272/2008


!!! For heavy and durable bad smells, disolve 100ml of 3athlete liquid in a bath of water and place your gear into the water. Leave it inside for 2-3 hours and then dry them. The solution will do it's work and nutralize all the bacteria and the bad smells !!!