Bora Dry Suit

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Patrick ( Netherlands) : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
"Aboslutely Love the suit"


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Product description:

Bora, as the cold Northern wind that batters the Adriatic coast during wintertime!

Made for the adventurous paddler, who does not shy away from challenging weather.

The fully closed neoprene collar will keep you dry even during the bumpy winter downwind sessions, fueled by the Bora wind. 

Crafted from a unique material, made from recycled polyester, the Bora suit is a sustainable choice of gear for all the nature-loving paddlers!

Keep your mind care-free, while you paddle in winter, and be more in tune with the elements that surround you, with our Bora drysuit!

Sustainable performance: 

  • Material: Recycled polyester
  • Membrane: made from biomass
  • Extra stretchable material
  • Breathability 26.000 g/m2/24hrs
  • Water Repellency: 20.000 m/m
  • YKK horizontal zipper
  • Ultra light <1kg (M size suit)
  • 100% dry neoprene collar
  • *(The Hood is not included with the Bora model)

    Restube Ready patch; to attach your Restube

    What is sustainable about this suit?

    The material used in this suit is made out of 100% recycled polyester fibers. The fibers are recycled from

    1. Waste production yarn
    2. Waste production fabric
    3. Used Garnments 
    4. fishnets

    The breathable membrane is also made from Biomass instead of the usual oil derivatives. 

    Using post-production waste to create a new fabric is one of the most sustainable solutions to create a new fabric, since it avoids the use of toxic chemicals and bleaches in the process and greatly helps to reduce the consumption of our natural resources!

    Repairs: 🪡

    We offer repairs on all our dry suits !

    One of the smallest,yet most important things you can do for the environment is to choose quality products , that you can later repair instead of throwing them away!

    By choosing to repair your garment, you extend the products life cycle, thus making sure less clothing ends up in landfills in your area and across the world !

    Men: The model is 188 cm tall and wears size L, 86kg 
    Woman: The model is 170 cm tall and wears size XS, 58kg

     The Dry suits fitform is a Relaxed fit !


    Handmade with care , on the Sunny side of the Alps !

    Every piece of clothing that we produce is handmade with care by our skilled men and women , in a family-owned production facility in Slovenia ! Made by people, that make sure every product that leaves the building is held to the highest quality Standards, to ensure a long life cycle of every StandOut product  !